Appreciate More This Year

Today’s blog is about practicing more appreciation. We are all so glad that 2020 has passed now 2021 seems so clean and exciting. So many positive vibes roaming around. I pray this year stays refreshing. I have decided to write about appreciation as it helps us keep our vibrations high. I read alot and some of the books i have come across have helped me change my life. I am more focused on being a better person daily, appreciating what i have and aspiring for more. Here is some ways you can live a better life and appreciate more.

Count your blessings

No matter where you are in life, either in a suitable condition or the worst, there is always something to be grateful for. Everything happens for a reason. As much as you might hate where you are, appreciate the fact that you are still alive, that you can see, hear, speak or feel. Once you put yourself in that feeling of gratitude, situations and experiences will start shifting in your favor. All of a sudden you get that job confirmation or you receive an unexpected amount of money. Blessings include your family and friends. Any support unit in your life is something to be grateful for. Count your blessings and appreciate them more.

Keep a gratitude journal

This is something i have been practicing since 2018 and i actually saw a significant shift in my life. When you wake up early in the morning, try and reach for your gratitude journal before you can touch your phone. Write down what you are grateful for. Be it work, who is in your life, where you live. Be grateful for the blue skies, the birds chirping outside or the comfortable bed you lay in. Be grateful for the breakfast you are about to have or the running water you are about to use to shower. Stay in that vibration of gratitude and you will be surprised how your day can actually turn out. You can also journal during the day or as the last thing you do before you sleep.

Express yourself

One thing about me, I am unapologetic when it comes to expressing myself. I express myself in so many ways, sometimes i dance or i paint. There are so many ways you can express yourself. Singing, writing stories, drawing, speaking to people or just taking a stroll down the beach. As you express yourself, you let go of any tension in your body. You focus entirely on being yourself. It feels good to do something you love. That good feeling from your gut creates a beautiful aura around you. Stay appreciative by expressing yourself more.

Spend time with people you love

Family is the root of our existence. When we navigate in life sometimes the challenges can be overwhelming. You do not have to do this life thing alone. Appreciate your family and friends more. No one is perfect, some homes are a mess. If that’s one of your reasons for not visiting your family, sit down and write all the good things about your family members. Once you do that you will actually start feeling better. Focus on the good things about each of them and try to ignore the bad things. After a short while you will even start missing them. Pay them a visit or send gifts, family is very valuable. Do not ever take that for granted.

Have a self-care day

This one is my favorite! Self care, self love, self mastery brings so much joy to me. I will do a post on these 3 subjects separately. Now I just want to elaborate on how one can have a perfect self-care day. Firstly you have to commit to not touching your phone at all, at-least for 8 hrs. Then once you wake up, after your gratitude journal, do some yoga or normal exercises then take a chair and sit in the sun for a good 20 mins. Try not to think about anything. Just enjoy the sun-rays kissing your skin. Be it 20 mins to and hour its up to you. Once your done, get a Mani and pedi done. Grab a healthy meal then read about something that will make you a better person. You can read with a facial on. Remember the self-care day is for your physical and mental treat. Take your time. Make sure you enjoy the moment. Appreciate your efforts and aim to take great care of yourself.




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